President Trump: Radical left attacks ‘are making us stronger’ and ‘much more unified than ever before’

by Summer Lane

President Donald Trump stood tall against the brutal attacks from the radical left on Saturday night in Minden, Nevada, at one of his signature Save America rallies.

“The radical left thinks by doing all these sinister and venomous things, they are making us weaker,” he told the crowd, “but actually, they are making us stronger and much more unified than ever before – I really believe that!”

Trump spoke to the crowd on the heels of a year filled with endless investigations and political witch hunts, which culminated in August with the shocking and unprecedented FBI raid on his private home, Mar-a-Lago, in Florida.

Saturday night’s rally was supercharged with a sense of urgency to get out and vote for Republican candidates at the polls on Nov. 8. “The only way evil will triumph is for good men and women to do nothing,” Trump said. “…That’s how they triumph.”

He added, “No matter what these left-wing maniacs try next…we are on a mission to restore this nation to greatness! We can do that!”

Trump also told supporters that Americans needed to “deliver a clean sweep” in terms of Republican victories to keep the radical left out of power. He warned that if voters did not do so, the Democrats would be “totally out of control…and no one will be able to stop them.”

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