President Trump: ‘Ron has zero chance of winning’

by Jessica Marie Baumgartner

Photo: Alamy

Now that Ron DeSantis has announced his bid, President Trump has gone into full primary mode.

The race is heating up, and President Trump has wasted no time in releasing videos that address DeSantis’s campaign.

In the first video, President Trump reminds Americans of his own plans. He stated, “We need to Make America Great Again.”

He also declared, “This is the last shot we’ve got at it.”

Earlier this week, DeSantis announced his bid on Twitter and received 30 million views within 15 hours. While it is unclear how many of those viewers are American voters and whether or not they plan to support him against Trump, DeSantis is polling second behind President Trump. 

The most recent Emerson College Poll revealed that President Trump holds an 11-point lead over Biden in Iowa, the largest of any candidate. Iowa is one of the leading states which predict outcomes in general elections and so this lead holds merit. 

In his second video, President Trump also reminds voters of his role in the governor’s success. He detailed how DeSantis was not polling well in the Florida gubernatorial race until he endorsed him. He said, “DeSantis had virtually no endorsements and was being drastically outraced by Agricultural Commissioner Adam Putnam.”

Florida Republican gubernatorial candidate, Adam Putnam, had the support of law enforcement, per The Capitolist, and the Naples Daily News reported in August of 2018 that Putnam “was next in line to succeed Republican Gov. Rick Scott,” until President Trump endorsed DeSantis. 

President Trump noted that without his endorsement, “Ron had zero chance of winning.”

Now, DeSantis is seeking to outbid President Trump in the 2024 presidential election, a feat that some see as distasteful being that it was President Trump’s endorsement that helped him earn his current position. 

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