President Trump sits down with Jon Voight to reflect on historic Abraham Accords

by Summer Lane

Photo: Alamy

President Donald Trump sat down recently for an impactful and unique interview with Hollywood actor Jon Voight, who has been a longtime supporter of the 45th Commander in Chief. “I believe that there’s gonna be a turnaround,” Voight stated, drawing attention to the current unrest in the Middle East since Trump has left office.

“If some very big things don’t happen very quickly, there can’t be a turnaround,” Trump stated, referring to the current unrest in the Middle East.

Voight’s interview with President Trump aired exclusively on Newsmax on Sunday and focused primarily on reflecting upon the historic Abraham Accords, arguably one of the crowning achievements of Trump’s administration.

Voight sat down with President Trump for a conversation about the achievement and his thoughts on moving forward in maintaining peace in Israel.

Trump remarked, “We love the country – the country’s in trouble. It’s gotta be solved fairly quickly. There is no choice but to solve the problem. But it’s a big problem; it’s a big problem…a lot of good moves have to be made or it’s not gonna be okay.”

Voight referred to the Biblical history of Israel and the ancient promise from God to bless those who blessed the nation of Israel. This historical backstory of the nation of Israel was a big part of Voight’s approach to interviewing the 45th president.

“I really want people to come together – I want the United States to be one in their understanding the greatness of this country, and wanting its future to be magnificent for the new generations to come,” Voight expressed.

Voight has routinely posted videos on social media voicing his support for President Trump, drawing gratitude from the 45th president on Truth Social.

“Thank you to a great and wonderful man, @JonVoight!” Trump replied to a powerful video from Voight called “America.”

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