President Trump teases MASSIVE rally in Nevada to Lindell

by Gary Smith

In an exclusive interview with MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell, President Trump made a brief announcement about an upcoming mega rally in Nevada.

“We’re going to Nevada soon, we’ve got a massive field and it’s going to be packed, instantly,” President Trump told Mr. Lindell on the sidelines of an event held at Mar-a-Lago earlier this month.

“The thing they want to talk about more than any other subject is the election fraud of 2020,” Trump told Mr. Lindell. “Because they want that fixed, because they can’t have a country without that.”

Nevada was one of the few states which saw the Republican electors cast their votes for President Trump in December 2020, despite the official slate being pledged to Joe Biden.

The ceremony was in held in Carson City, and was streamed by RSBN, although the original video has since been removed from YouTube due to an alleged violation of their politically subjective “community standards.”

Before the election, President Trump held an enormous MAGA rally at the Carson City airport – an event that the RSBN stream alone attracted over a million views. 

Additional information on the rally is scarce, but a likely reason for the event could be to promote pro-Trump Secretary of State candidate Jim Marchant, who 45’s former Chief of Staff Mark Meadows recently rallied fundraising for in Henderson. 

Nevada GOP Chairman Michael McDonald lit up the crowd in what the Nevada Globe newspaper called a “barn burner speech,” which included calling out fellow Republican Barbara Cegavske for “working on behalf of the Democrats” when she made the decision to ignore “thousands of anomalies and mountains of evidence of fraud.”

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