President Trump To RSBN: “Hundreds of Thousands” of People To Join Big Tech Lawsuit

by Vianca Rodriguez

Bedminster, New Jersey – During a highly-anticipated press conference, President Trump on Wednesday revealed he is filing a class-action lawsuit against Big Tech CEOs Jack Dorsey, Mark Zuckerberg, and Sundar Pichai – of Twitter, Facebook, and Google, respectively. However, he noted that joining him in this effort is the America First Policy Institute.

America First Policy Institute is a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization that focuses on furthering research regarding five pillars that promote the America First agenda, including jobs, opportunity, security, freedom, and innovation. AFPI’s mission specifically includes the “primacy of American workers, families, and communities in all we do.”

President Trump’s and AFPI’s lawsuit seeks to ensure Americans’ First Amendment rights, as established in the U.S. Constitution, on social media platforms.

During an exclusive interview with RSBN, the president expressed discontent with the Biden administration’s handling of critical issues facing Americans, including the southern border crisis that Biden and Harris ignore.

Trump slammed Biden’s open border policy allowing “millions of people” to flow through the border, many of which cross without going through a vetting process, or despite testing positive for COVID-19. “It is so unfair to our country,” he said.

“It’s crazy,” Trump said regarding Biden’s negligence of the border crisis.

Trump told RSBN he expects “hundreds of thousands” of people to join the lawsuit against Big Tech and urged supporters to join the lawsuit to protect conservatives’ freedom of speech on social media platforms. 

Despite that he is banned and censored from the world’s biggest social media platforms, President Trump remains one of the most popular and relevant political figures.

Regardless of Big Tech’s attempts to silence him, more than 40,000 supporters attended his most recent rally in Sarasota, Fla. At the same rally, RSBN had a record-breaking 300,000+ livestream viewers on Rumble after being temporarily suspended for continuing to air Trump’s rallies on YouTube.

RSBN will continue to “fight like hell” to bring you all of President Trump’s rallies, speeches, and appearances, even when we get censored for doing so. Please download the RSBN mobile app and follow us on Rumble to stay tuned!

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