President Trump: USA is a greater nuclear power than Russia

by Summer Lane

President Trump offered several common-sense solutions to the escalating situation in Eastern Europe between Russia and Ukraine during a Monday interview with Fox Business host Stuart Varney.

“I listened to [Putin] constantly using the n-word. That’s the n-word,” former President Trump stated in the interview, adding that the “n-word” he was referring to was the word “nuclear.”

Trump also pointed out that the United States was the greater nuclear power when compared against Russia. “We say, ‘Oh, he’s [Putin] a nuclear power.’ We’re a greater nuclear power,” he continued.

Stuart Varney mentioned that Joe Biden will be traveling to Poland, “a front line NATO state,” this week. When asked what Joe Biden should do while in Poland, Trump commented, “Well, it’s very late. The cards are laid, and the cards are out…he’s given himself a very bad hand…[the Russia-Ukraine crisis] would have never, ever started if I were president.”

He added that the rest of the world leaders, including America’s allies, are telling Joe Biden “what they want to do, not what we want to do.”

Trump also called Putin’s aggression toward Ukraine a “human tragedy” and that if he were still in the White House, he would take action to help the Ukrainian people on the ground. Unlike Joe Biden, Trump said he would do a lot more than send in “44-year-old” MIG jets. 

While the 45th president would not specifically comment on exactly how he would approach the situation unfolding within the borders of Ukraine, he hinted at the “tremendous” military capabilities of the U.S. military that do not require the use of fighter jets.

He also remarked that he would “rapidly” get the “oil flowing” because “if you reduce the price of oil significantly, that war is going to end…the expression is, what you need for war are three things: money, money, and money.” 

President Trump’s comments on Fox Business indicate a stark difference between his approach to assuaging the Russia and Ukraine situation versus Joe Biden’s seemingly reactive attempts to placate European nations on the global stage. 

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