President Trump’s campaign stop in Michigan: rallying the faithful with his bold promise of national security

by Lisa Noeth

Photo: Alamy

Leading up to the presidential election, President Trump was the main speaker at Turning Point USA’s People’s Convention in Michigan on June 15. President Trump’s presence alone inspired his supporters with his energy and pride for the great city of Michigan.

He received a warm welcome from the strong support from the crowd as a part of his outreach to voters in the deep blue battleground cities.  

President Trump also garnered the excitement of young patriotic voters throughout his speech. This shows President Trump truly loves his country by making campaign stops in deep blue inner cities to spread his message that he will put all American citizens first regardless of party affiliation, age, and race.

President Trump highlighted the importance of national security during his speech

President Trump continued to call out President Zelenskyy as Biden sent millions to Ukraine instead of our hard-earned tax dollars going back to the American people.

In addition, in the last 3.5 years, Biden has weakened our military by giving away military equipment in Afghanistan while leaving the U.S. in danger. During President Trump’s speech, he stated:

“A week ago, I woke up and heard that Russia had nuclear-powered submarines…60 miles off the coast of Florida…Now that’s a total lack of respect.”

The incompetence of the Biden administration’s lack of urgency in securing our nation is alarming with Russia’s unprecedented military presence near Florida’s coast.

As a result, President Trump reassured the crowd he would bring back national security at the forefront of delivering his campaign initiatives as America’s next president.

President Trump solidified his deportation policy

President Trump also spoke boldly about his efforts for the largest deportation in American history. The Biden administration left the border wide open for thousands of unvetted military-aged men to enter the U.S. illegally.

No sensible president would allow radical Islamic terrorists to be admitted to the country. Re-electing President Trump will be for the betterment of voters at large in the perspective of national security.

The future of America lies in the hands of voters in battleground states, including Michigan

To prepare for a win this November, President Trump will continue to make his campaign stops in historically Democratic cities to generate enthusiasm from his strong and growing base of fed-up Democrats and the minority community.

The decision will remain in the hands of undecided voters in Michigan, a battleground state. It’s now time for Michigan’s voters to back President Trump to clean up the streets of America in order to pave the way for a safe environment for all Americans, including the next generation of patriots.

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