President Trump’s story isn’t ‘anywhere near over,’ it is only just beginning!


“Anyone who thinks my story is anywhere near over is sadly mistaken!” Trump adviser Dan Scavino tweeted Friday morning alongside a photo of President Donald J. Trump.

In the symbolic photo, President Trump is seen walking into the House Chamber facing toward a vibrant American flag hung just below the United States’ motto which reads, “In God We Trust.”

The quote Scavino tweeted, which is implied to be attributed to President Trump, is a sign of hope to supporters that he is keeping his promise when he said “this is only the beginning” of the Make America Great Again movement that has inspired millions of Americans who love this country.

Since January, he has made it crystal clear to the world that he will not allow our country to be overrun by socialists, leftists, globalists, and any other group of people who seek to eliminate the God-given rights and freedoms guaranteed to Americans by U.S. Constitution.

As the Biden administration continues to show its true colors through its relentless pursuit of control over Americans, failure to defend U.S. troops, and horribly botched foreign policy efforts, among many other despised actions, it becomes increasingly evident that not only will Trump continue fighting for the American people, but his message and movement are becoming stronger than ever before.

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