RELEASE: RSBN and Rumble Enter Livestream Partnership


June 28, 2022

RSBN and Rumble Enter Livestream Partnership

AUBURN, Ala. — RSBN is proud to announce an exclusive partnership with free speech video streaming platform Rumble.

Rumble has been integral in helping RSBN continue to have a voice amid Big Tech censorship. Platforms like Vimeo, Twitch, and others have issued strikes on our channels, suspended us, and banned us. Rumble’s free speech policy was unflinchingly consistent in allowing us to livestream and bring the truth to the American people.

That is why we could not be more thrilled to share with our viewers that our live events will be streamed exclusively on Rumble. We urge all of our viewers to help us pave the way for freedom of speech in digital media and join us on Rumble.

President Donald Trump’s speeches and other small events we cover will now be exclusively LIVE on Rumble through the end of 2022. RSBN’s Trump rally pre-show coverage will be the only event accessible across all platforms.

Stay tuned for more details on how you can make the switch with us.

“What Rumble is doing is instrumental to the future of freedom of speech online. Rumble is the only viable option left for networks like us that seek to show the whole truth and allow Americans to make their own decisions,” said RSBN CEO Joe Seales.

“Moving our rally coverage to Rumble is a natural step for us,” Seales added. “We are excited to see our viewers move to Rumble with us and send a message to Big Tech that they cannot control us anymore.”

“Rumble’s partnership with RSBN is one more victory against Big Tech’s cancel culture,” Rumble CEO Chris Pavlovski stated. “This partnership is just the most recent example of Rumble’s first-in-class services and capabilities, providing creators and viewers with a one-of-a-kind free and open platform.”


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