Rep. Andy Biggs reveals Arizona attorney general is reviewing election audit to determine who can be ARRESTED

Republican representative from Arizona, Andy Biggs, revealed that the state’s Attorney General Mark Brnovich is continually investigating criminal activity into the 2020 presidential election, to determine who can be arrested.

“Right now, all the audit material sits in the hands of the state Attorney General,” Biggs said. “He’s looking to see if there is criminal conduct and who he can arrest and bring criminal charges against. That’s the status of where we are in Arizona.”

Rep. Biggs revealed insight about the ongoing election investigation while speaking at America Fest, a conservative conference, on Monday.

The investigation into voter fraud in Arizona comes after the forensic audit in the state revealed explosive voter discrepancies in Maricopa County. Discrepancies include duplicate ballots, out-of-state ballots, and evidence of documents that were purged a day before the audit began.

Numerous Arizona lawmakers have called for further investigation and arrests over election fraud allegations.

Most notably, Trump-endorsed Republican state Sen. Wendy Rogers has been vocal about election irregularities found in the Maricopa County 2020 presidential audit.

“Less letters, more subpoenas. Less requests, more warrants. Less talk, more arrests,” Rogers tweeted in response to the audit results.

Recently, a federal appeals court in the state ruled that all mail-in voters must sign their ballots no later than Election Day, asserting that they do not have the right to change them thereafter.

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