Florida adds 50,000 more jobs in big WIN for DeSantis’ open economy

Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis announced on Friday that Florida added 50,000 new jobs in the month of November, beating out the entire United States in terms of economic growth and earning DeSantis’ open economy policy a major win.

DeSantis, who has remained firmly opposed to closing down businesses and locking down the state amid rumblings of new variants of the coronavirus, stated on Twitter that the job growth was “a much faster rate than the nation, which added 210,000 jobs in November.”

According to the Florida Department of Economic Opportunity, Florida’s job growth rate was actually six times faster than the rest of the country in November, reflecting that DeSantis’ “Freedom First” initiative, which he proposed in December, has been extremely effective in getting Floridians back to work in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic.

The Freedom First budget focuses on “preserving freedom and prosperity for Floridians with record funding for education, environmental resources and law enforcement,” DeSantis’ official press release stated. “The budget also protects freedom and liberty by once again rejecting mandates and lockdowns,” the statement continued.

Gov. DeSantis has made headlines this year for his strong leadership in Florida, providing a refuge of freedom for those facing tyrannical vaccine mandates and hyperinflation across the country.

Last week, Gov. DeSantis introduced the “Stop WOKE Act,” which introduced new legislation to ban Critical Race Theory (CRT) from schools or employee training. As previously reported by RSBN, DeSantis stated, “In Florida we are taking a stand against the state-sanctioned racism that is critical race theory. We won’t allow Florida tax dollars to be spent teaching kids to hate our country or to hate each other.”

Strong political stances against progressive ideology and “anti-racist” indoctrination in schools, along with DeSantis’ commitment to maintaining Floridian’s freedom of medical choice by banning vaccine mandates, has driven many conservative voters to flee restrictive blue states and resettle in the Sunshine State.

In fact, in November Gov. DeSantis announced that registered voting Republicans outnumbered registered Democrats for the first time in the state’s history in November, solidifying Florida’s position as a conservative stronghold for individual liberty.

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