Rep. Anna Paulina Luna takes a stand against ‘white supremacist’ accusations

by Timothy Frudd

Photo: Alamy

Rep. Anna Paulina Luna, R-Fla., is pushing back against rhetoric from Democrat-leaning journalists following accusations that labeled Luna as a white supremacist.

Luna, who, according to Fox News, became the first Mexican-American woman to be elected to Congress from the state of Florida, received President Trump’s endorsement during her campaign, making her a target for the mainstream media.

This week, Julio Ricardo Varela, MSNBC opinion columnist, slammed Luna’s previous work for Turning Point USA, which he described as “a MAGA white supremacist cult.”

In Varela’s opinion piece, he wrote, “It’s important that we journalists avoid placing too much emphasis on a representative of Mexican descent who’s signed on to a political movement that began with the demonization of Mexicans.”

Luna bluntly responded to Varela’s opinion piece, tweeting, “Wow. @MSNBC is really trying to paint me as a white supremacist? Honestly I’m pretty sick of left leaning media focusing so much on my race. It’s sad to see how triggered the left is over the fact that I’m conservative.”

The Florida congresswoman did not merely defend herself from the mainstream media’s attack. Instead, she challenged MSNBC to face the reality that Democrat leaders have a track record of “racist” statements and actions.

Appearing on Newsmax, Luna stated, “Remember, it was Barack Obama and Joe Biden that put children in cages, it was Jill Biden that called Hispanic Americans ‘breakfast tacos,’ and it was Nancy Pelosi that said, ‘If we don’t allow illegals here, then who’s going to help pick the crops?’ If you want to talk about calling out someone, let’s call out the left and their racist rhetoric against conservative minorities.”

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