Report: Arizona audit finds nearly 700k ballots with ‘issues’

Hundreds of thousands of ballots cast in Maricopa County’s 2020 presidential election may be invalid, according to a detailed review of Arizona’s 2020 Election Audit report and independent canvasing that found 698,239 ballots with “issues.”

In the reports, produced by consulting firm Cyber Ninjas and Arizona realtor Liz Harris, and analyzed by Gateway Pundit’s co-editor Joe Hoft, and activist Dr. Shiva, at least 255,326 ballots were “not located” on the ‘Early Voting Return Files,’ which would specifically show when and how those votes were cast. According to Cyber Ninjas, this could make “some types of audits impossible.”

According to Cyber Ninjas, 86,391 of the ballots were cast by “invisible voters,” which are individuals with no related fingerprints in official government databases, something Hoft says, “in this day and age seems unlikely.” 

Another 57,734 ballots were considered by Cyber Ninjas to have “issues,” 17,126 ballot envelopes were found to be “duplicates,” 9,589 ballots were missing envelopes, and 2,580 ballots had issues with the signatures on the envelopes, which could be challenged in an audit through an official signature check.  In total the audit found 428,746 ballots potentially uncountable. 

Additionally, the canvas found that 173,104 ballots were outright “fraudulent” through various issues identified by Ms. Harris and her Voter Integrity team, and 96,389 ballots were not even counted, totaling 269,493 potential votes in question. 

Combined, the audit report and the canvas found significant issues with 698,239 ballots in Maricopa County alone, where Biden was certified as the winner over President Trump by just 45,109 votes, with the lion’s share of votes (1,915,487) being cast before Election Day and by mail. 

Source: Maricopa County Election Department

“These issues may not be mutually exclusive but they do indicate that the 2020 Election was a total scam,” Mr. Hoft commented Friday.

The claims made in last month’s audit report are currently under investigation by the Arizona Attorney General.

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