Republicans rip apart Biden’s speech

2H2DKTK (L to R); United States Representative Lauren Boebert (Republican of Colorado), US Representative Matt Gaetz (Republican of Florida) and US Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene (Republican of Georgia) attend the House Judiciary Committee oversight hearing of the United States Department of Justice with testimony from US Attorney General Merrick Garland (not pictured), on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC, USA, 21 October 2021.Credit: Michael Reynolds / Pool via CNP /MediaPunch

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During Biden’s State of the Union Address on Tuesday night, Republicans were unable to confirm his calls for the government to “find consensus.”

America First leaders posted their frustrations with the Biden administration on Twitter. Rep. Matt Gaetz, R-Fla., stated that “our country is in a state of decline” under Joe Biden.

This sentiment has been felt by many working Americans who have experienced sharp rises in the cost of living expenses. Per MSN, the price of eggs has more than doubled. U.S. beef prices have increased due to cattle farmers dropping herd numbers to their lowest level in 60 years, according to Successful Farming

And while Biden claimed during his speech that gas costs are down and inflation is cooling, AAA’s recent numbers display that gas has yet to decrease compared to last year, and the Forbes 2022 inflation report displayed serious negative impacts for Americans.  

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, R-Ga., responded to Biden’s speech, positing that his plan to “finish the job” means “destroying our country.”

After stumbling through words, and blaming American cars for not making enough automobiles, Biden’s speech left Rep. Byron Donalds, R-Fla., in a self-proclaimed stupor. He posted, “Now my brain is mush.” 

America First Republicans are ripping into Biden’s SOTU speech, while President Trump offered his own critical response, per RSBN

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