Ric Grenell predicts a ‘conservative tsunami’ in California

by Laura Ramirez

Photo: Alamy

Ric Grenell, the founder of Fix California, a nonprofit organization dedicated to advancing conservative ideals in California, predicts that the Golden State is “about to be hit with a conservative tsunami” as new voters register with the Republican Party ahead of the 2022 midterm elections.

According to Fix California’s website, the organization aims to protect the integrity of elections in the state, with a commitment to register and engage a “diverse coalition of pro-freedom Californians around issues and causes that will improve the lives of every resident.”

The organization successfully registered over 10,000 conservative voters a month in California and engaged with voters to “advance common sense values” in the Democrat-leaning state, Fox News reported.

“This is the type of investment and work that has been missing in California for decades—and it’s why so many conservative voters flee the state,” Grenell, who served as acting director of National Intelligence under President Donald Trump, told Fox News Digital. “I decided I am not moving—I am going to lead the fight to restore the values and policies that made California the place everyone wanted to live.”

Fix California has used voter and consumer data to identify over 1.4 million unregistered voters in the Golden State who align with the group’s conservative mission, the outlet noted. The organization is actively registering voters through peer-to-peer engagement and phone banking.

Thus far, the group appears to be making a difference in the blue state, with several congressional races shifting toward the GOP and away from Democrats.

As Fox News’ Power Rankings show, two districts in Los Angeles are trending toward Republicans. One of them is California’s 27th district, where Republican Rep. Mike Garcia is fighting to keep his seat from Democrat challenger Christy Smith. The race was initially considered to be a toss-up, but it recently shifted in Garcia’s favor.

Election forecaster FiveThirtyEight’s projection as of Nov. 5 gives Garcia a 65 percent chance of keeping his seat, compared to Smith’s 35 percent chance of beating the Republican incumbent.

California’s 47th district has shifted from leaning Democrat to a toss-up, where Republican challenger Scott Baugh is attempting to oust Democrat Rep. Katie Porter, Fox News adds.

Moreover, the state’s 49th congressional race seems to have a similar pattern, with Democrat Rep. Mike Levin trying to hold onto his seat from Republican challenger Brian Maryott as the race shifts from Democrat-leaning to a toss-up, per RealClearPolitics’ predictions.

Taken from RealClearPolitics’ 2022 House prediction.

“This isn’t about politics or even one election cycle,” Grenell said, affirming that the organization’s efforts won’t stop after the 2022 midterm elections. “It is about making sure California is a state that provides opportunity, prosperity, and safety for generations to come.”

“There’s a lot more work to be done,” he added.

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