Reports say Trump is eyeing Nov. 14 for 2024 campaign announcement… are they true?

by Samantha Flom

Photo: Alamy

After months of speculation, President Donald J. Trump may finally be about to announce a 2024 presidential bid.

According to a Newsmax report, three unnamed sources close to Trump have pegged Nov. 14 as the date he is tentatively eyeing for the official announcement, which may be followed by a multi-day series of political events.

If true, the announcement would come less than one week after the Nov. 8 midterm elections, during which the Republican Party hopes to reclaim control of the House and Senate.

According to Newsmax’s Mark Halperin, the six-day gap may be due to the fact that Trump’s youngest daughter, Tiffany Trump, will be getting married Nov. 12 at the 45th president’s Palm Beach, Florida, home of Mar-a-Lago.

However, should election night give way to a “giant red wave,” Trump may be hoping to use that momentum to help launch his 2024 campaign. On the other hand, if the election results swing the opposite way, it could be that the announcement will come at a later date.

Other predictions regarding the president’s plans have riddled the news as of late, including those of former Trump advisor and GETTR CEO Jason Miller.

“It could be pretty soon after the midterms,” Miller suggested Monday. “My gut tells me it’s going to be a little closer to the first of the year or maybe even just after the first of the year.”

Trump has repeatedly teased the idea of a third presidential run at his rallies, and his hints of a forthcoming announcement have become less ambivalent in recent weeks.

For instance, at an Oct. 22 rally in Robstown, Texas, the president evoked cheers when he diverged from his usual statement that he “may have to” run again, instead stating that he will “probably” have to.

Then, on Nov. 3 in Sioux City, Iowa, he modified the statement again, declaring that he will “very, very, very probably” run again.

The crowd roared in response, bursting into chants of “Trump! Trump! Trump!”

Meanwhile, Trump, ever the entertainer, hinted further that he has big plans in store.

“Get ready,” he advised. “That’s all I’m telling you!”

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