RSBN Exclusive: Will Trump stick to Truth Social for the 2024 presidential race?

by Summer Lane

Photo: Alamy

Although President Trump’s accounts have been reinstated on Big Tech platforms like Twitter and Facebook, it looks like he’ll be staying on Truth Social for the foreseeable future as the 2024 presidential election season looms ahead.

In an exclusive interview with RSBN’s Grace Saldana on Thursday, Trump Media & Technology Group’s CEO, Devin Nunes, addressed the big question: will Trump return to other social media platforms now that his accounts have been reinstated?

“…He’ll continue to be on Truth Social, he’s not posting to any other platforms yet,” Nunes said.

He pointed out that while Trump himself is on Truth Social, the Trump campaign is very interested in at least posting “some content” to Facebook and Instagram, noting that it was important to reach the users there, so it was “somewhere that the campaign needs to be.”

He also mentioned that all political campaigns would need to be aware of the potential shadow-banning or censoring of campaign accounts on Big Tech platforms. “That’s the thing that all the campaigns will have to be looking out for,” he said.

Truth Social was initially launched in February 2022 in the Apple App Store. Since then, the site has expanded exponentially, extending its reach to Android users, traditional desktop users, and the Google Play Store.  

As previously reported by RSBN, Nunes also said that Truth Social would be rolling out a new “Groups” feature on their platform very soon. This would enable users to form groups and chat with likeminded people, much in the way that Facebook groups do right now. Unlike Facebook, however, Truth Social is a free speech platform.

Nunes also said that TMTG was looking at implementing a video-on-demand feature for the site. “We’re news and information, so it’s critically important that we have news and information on our platform,” he added.

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