RSBN’s CPAC team goes LIVE on the megatron at EPIC Wisconsin Trump rally

by Summer Lane

President Donald Trump’s plane was slightly delayed in arriving for Friday night’s electrifying Save America rally in Waukesha, Wisconsin, but rallygoers were treated in the meantime to a special broadcast of RSBN’s rally watch party straight from Dallas, Texas.

Save America hosted an official Trump rally watch party at RSBN’s booth on media row during the Conservative Political Action Convention (CPAC) on Friday, featuring a few familiar conservative rockstars.

Fearless election integrity warrior and CEO of MyPillow, Mike Lindell, additionally made an appearance, drawing applause and excitement from the crowd in Waukesha.

Kari Lake, Arizona’s Republican gubernatorial nominee, was also part of the watch party, as well as Tudor Dixon, the Trump-endorsed GOP gubernatorial nominee in Michigan.

Lake addressed the crowd on Friday, stating, “We have returned the Republican Party to ‘We the People.'”

“If you love America, if you love freedom…then you need to join our movement!” she added. “I want you to get out in Wisconsin and vote for the Trump picks,” said Lake.

Mike Lindell added his comments to the mix, touting Lake’s massive victory in Arizona this week and slamming what he said was an attempt to rig the primary race in the Grand Canyon State. “They tried to steal it [the election] from Kari Lake!” he said. “…You can get out and vote and vote in person.”

He emphasized, “The machines have to GO.”

Both Lindell and Lake spoke at CPAC on Friday, preceding the rally watch party.

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