MTG warns Republicans: ‘Weakness will no longer be tolerated by voters’

by Laura Ramirez

Photo: Alamy

Georgia Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene warned the Republican Party that voters will not tolerate inaction from a GOP majority when it comes to protecting young children from transgender ideology.

“In ‘23, if a Republican majority refuses to protect children from this evil agenda, & the base sees no change in the GOP, ‘24 will be uncertain,” the congresswoman tweeted, reacting to a video of U.S. Assistant Secretary for Health Rachel Levine, the first transgender federal official, discussing youth “gender-affirmation treatment.”

“Weakness will no longer be tolerated by voters,” Greene added. “We can fix the economy, crime, border, AND protect kids.”

After several shocking videos of children attending drag shows in Dallas spread throughout the internet, the congresswoman eviscerated those children’s parents who forced them to go, RSBN reported.

“It should be illegal to take children into Drag Queen shows and strip clubs,” she wrote. “And there should be no federal funding for any school that intentionally confuses children about gender/sexuality. Any teacher or school employee caught doing so should be fired and lose all benefits.”

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