Rumble offers Joe Rogan $100 million for 4 years with NO restrictions on their platform

Rumble, a popular video streaming service that has become a huge platform for free speech over the last two years, has offered Joe Rogan a $100 million contract over four years with no restrictions if he exclusively joins their platform, according to an official statement from Rumble CEO Chris Pavlovski.

Joe Rogan, the host of the “Joe Rogan Experience,” has come under fire for allowing Dr. Peter McCullough and mRNA inventor and scientist Dr. Robert Malone on his show to discuss approaches to coronavirus treatments. Rogan’s Spotify-exclusive show is also the most successful podcast in the world, garnering millions of listeners that dwarfs the viewership of legacy media outlets, according to a report from The Liberty Beacon.

In January, Spotify, a well-known audio streaming service, removed “Heart of Gold” singer Neil Young’s catalog from their platform in response to his demand that Joe Rogan’s podcast be pulled for spreading “fake information about vaccines.” On Feb. 1, Spotify caved to pressure from progressive talking heads and made the decision to add “Covid warnings” to podcasts that discussed the coronavirus, as previously reported by RSBN.

Rogan, who has been attacked and threatened by many liberals simply for having doctors on his show to discuss the coronavirus, has become a conservative hero for refusing to back down or apologize for presenting data and information to his listeners. In a Jan. 30 video posted on social media, Joe Rogan said that it was “good to have some haters.” He also remarked that his goal was to help everyone “figure out what’s going on about everything.”

In an age where Big Tech giants like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube are censoring or deleting videos that even mention alternative ideas or treatments regarding the coronavirus, Joe Rogan, like it or not, represents something that Americans are hungry to see restored: the right to free speech.

If Joe Rogan joins Rumble exclusively, his contract with them would rival his current exclusive deal with Spotify, which the Wall Street Journal is also valued at $100 million.  

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