Trump slams ‘phony’ congressional redistricting sweeping the country

President Donald Trump on Saturday slammed the “phony” congressional redistricting occurring across the United States, which, “even the Fake New York Times is having a hard time believing how ridiculous things have gotten,” Trump said.

As the 2022 midterm season heats up, Republicans are expected to enjoy landslide victories across the country, but it looks like Democrats might have a strategy up their sleeves to counter what is predicted to be an onslaught of Republican wins.

A CNN Politics report analyzed the House maps ahead of the 2022 primaries, finding that New York Democrats recently revealed a new congressional map that would flip the delegation of Democrats and Republicans to a 22-4 split, which means the state will lose a seat. President Trump commented on this development in a statement released through his Save America PAC: “We were expecting to do well in New York and now, we’ll lose 4 seats and the Old Broken-Down Crow, Mitch McConnell, sits back and does nothing to help the Party. “

Additionally, New York is not the only state poised to drastically change its congressional lines. California, for example, is also making waves with its draft map of redrawn congressional districts, which would result in the state losing a seat in 2023, according to a California Globe report.

This redistricting has begged an all-too obvious question from conservatives who otherwise see a “red wave” of conservative victories on the horizon in 2022: is this yet another conveniently-timed strategy from Democrats and progressive states to limit Republican victories by taking away House seats?

President Trump seems to think so, adding that, “The only thing the Democrats are good at is cheating on elections, and the proof is out for everybody to see but hold on, you haven’t seen anything yet!”

As the 2022 midterms kick off, many Americans are keeping their eye on congressional redistricting. If President Trump’s remarks are any indication, Republicans are going to need to fight for their House seats every step of the way, through the elections and beyond.

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