Scott Presler: Iowa Republicans gained more than 19,000 voter registrations in one month

by Timothy Frudd

Conservative activist Scott Presler shared new voter registration data for the state of Iowa Wednesday, showing Republicans with a growing advantage over Democrats in Iowa.

In a statement on Twitter, Presler said, “A month ago, Republicans had an advantage of 65,382 voter registrations in IOWA. Today, that lead has been increased to 84,751.”

With Iowa’s primary elections in June, Republicans gained 24,749 voters, while Democrats only gained 5,380 voters, according to Presler. The difference between the two parties resulted in Republicans gaining an advantage of 19,369 additional voters.

“Iowa continues to slip away from the democrats,” said Presler.

Jeff Kaufmann, Iowa’s GOP Chair, explained, “It’s been put on hyper drive, quite frankly, because of Biden’s policies…this is now Biden, without comparison to anything or anyone else, being perceived as failing us on the economy.”

Despite the Republican Party’s current advantage over the Democrat Party in Iowa, Republicans are not slowing down their efforts to dominate in the November election.

“This will be the largest effort for a midterm election for Republicans in Iowa history,” Kaufmann said, “We’re going for it. I am running the Republican Party of Iowa as if we are 10 points down.”

After Mayra Flores flipped a Democrat congressional district in Texas last month, Presler announced, “This is massive, earth-shattering news & foreshadows a potential political realignment.” He urged Republicans that they only need four seats to retake the House of Representatives in the midterm election.

Gov. Greg Abbott, R-Texas, recently shared polling from the Associated Press, which showed more than one million voters joined the Republican Party. He stated, “More than 1 million voters switch to GOP in warning for Democrats.”

As Americans grow increasingly frustrated with the Biden administration, the midterm elections could bring significant changes to the nation’s government.

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