Scott Presler sounds the alarm, urges Republicans to volunteer if they want to see a red wave

by Summer Lane

Voter registration activist Scott Presler sounded the alarm for Republican voters on Twitter this week, calling on them to get involved in election processes to usher in the “red wave” of conservative victories that has been projected for the upcoming November midterm elections.

Presler stated on Twitter, “I don’t think there’ll be a [red] wave – maybe a trickle. Except AZ, FL, & NV, it isn’t looking good. People tell me, ‘I would give up anything for this country.’ Those same people won’t knock on doors or become Election Day Workers. Unless voters DO SOMETHING, I see no wave.”

Presler has worked tirelessly to register voters for the Republican Party across the country and holding workshops with Americans who want to learn more about voter registration and activism.

Since Joe Biden took office, Republican voter registration has significantly risen, particularly in key states like Florida and Arizona. For example, Interactive Polls reported on Twitter that there has been a significant number of Republican voters added to the net of multiple states since 2020. According to their statistics, Florida has gained 396,969 GOP registrations, Pennsylvania has gained 146,540, and North Carolina has gained 116,332.

Other key states where the GOP has made positive gains include Iowa, New Jersey, Kentucky, West Virginia, Oklahoma, Idaho, Rhode Island, Utah, South Dakota, Arizona, and New Mexico.  

Interestingly, Interactive Polls shared that conservative-leaning Kansas had experienced a net gain of 9,917 Democrat voter registrations since 2020. Unsurprisingly, Colorado reportedly gained 11,878 Democrat voter registrations, as well.

On Saturday night, President Donald Trump held a Save America rally in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, urging GOP voters to cast their ballots for his endorsees running for Senate and governor. “If you want to stop this destruction of America, you must vote Republican,” he said during his remarks.

Presler’s call for Republicans to get involved in election processes is an alarm bell for GOP voters who may believe that turnout at the polls will be so big that they don’t “need” to vote themselves or advocate for election integrity.

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