New study shows Ivermectin works as a treatment for Covid, NIH evaluates its efficiency

by Summer Lane

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A new peer-reviewed study published recently has found that people who took Ivermectin to treat Covid or as a preventative measure against coronavirus infection have experienced significantly less chances of death and hospital admissions, according to a report from The Blaze.

This revelation comes after months of mainstream media dismissal and Big Tech censorship on the subject of Ivermectin being used as a possible treatment to protect against Covid infection and a way to reduce symptoms for those suffering with it.

Conservative host of the “Jesse Kelly” show takes aim at the malicious media campaign against Ivermectin since Covid broke out.

Per The Blaze, the study was published in a medical journal called Cureus, and took place in Brazil, where a control group of 88,012 were utilized to study the effects of Ivermectin. Further, they found that those in the group who took regular doses of Ivermectin experienced 92 percent overall “reduction” in risk of death from Covid infection.

The study itself stated that, “Ivermectin regular users had a reduction of 49% in infection rate compared to non-users.”

Additionally, the study found the following:

“Compared to non-users, reductions in mortality rate among regular users were 100% among females (eight deaths among 156 non-users and zero deaths among 141 regular users; RR: 0.00; 95% CI: n/a; p < 0.0001) and 85% among males…”

Recently, the National Institutes of Health (NIH) allegedly updated their Antiviral Therapy page to include the drug. Savvy social media users have posted screenshots over the webpage over the past week or so, highlighting the fact that Ivermectin was added to the list of data on antiviral medications.

“Ivermectin is an antiparasitic drug that is being evaluated to treat COVID-19,” the NIH stated.

From the NIH’s website

However, the NIH “recommends against” using Ivermectin “except in clinical trials” at this point.

President Donald Trump has often said that the coronavirus pandemic was used as a political tool to meddle with the 2020 presidential election, calling into question the timing of Covid’s emergence and the nationwide push for mail-in ballots. “They used Covid to rig and steal an election,” Trump told a crowd of supporters in Mendon, Illinois, in June.

Now, as more research has begun to make its way into the public arena, Americans are finding that alternative treatments like Ivermectin that were censored by Big Tech and stifled by the mainstream media could have been highly effective in treating Covid.

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