SHOCK: Trump tells Hannity he thinks FBI stole his WILL

by Summer Lane

President Donald Trump revealed shocking new information about the FBI’s seizure of documents from his private home, Mar-a-Lago, in August, telling Fox News host Sean Hannity that he believed the FBI had taken his will.

Hannity mentioned that the FBI had taken Trump’s “passport, they took your medical records, they took your tax records – and probably the scariest part to me, and this is why a broad warrant like this would be dangerous, we do have a Fourth Amendment – they also took, what? 500 pages of attorney-client privilege information.”

Trump responded, “…They took a lot, I think they took my will. I found out yesterday. I said, ‘Where is it?’ I think they took my will. [That] could cause a lot of problems.”

Hannity quipped, “Am I in it?”

The unprecedented raid on Trump’s home has turned into an ongoing legal battle as his attorneys continue to duel with the Department of Justice. Recently, Trump’s team scored a major victory when District Court Judge Aileen Cannon struck down an appeal from the DOJ seeking to “exclude classified documents” from a special master review, per RSBN.

During Trump’s conversation with Hannity, he facetiously remarked that his will, if it was leaked, could cause a “lot of problems if that gets published, from people who won’t be so happy, or maybe will be very happy.”

He added, “It’s a horrible thing.”

Hannity’s exclusive, one-hour conversation with President Trump came on the heels of a new civil lawsuit that was filed against him in New York by the state Attorney General Letitia James.

“Well, she campaigned on it, four years ago, it was a vicious campaign, and she just talked about Trump: ‘We’re gonna indict him,’ ‘we’re gonna get him.’ She knew nothing about me – I never heard of her, ” Trump said, pointing out James’ history of attacking him before she even became attorney general.

Per the Washington Examiner, on Wednesday, Attorney General James announced a new civil fraud lawsuit against President Trump and his three adult children, where she is seeking a “minimum punishment of $250 million” for what she is claiming is fraudulent business practices.

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