SHOCKING results of major poll show Democrats moving to TRUMP

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The country may be far more unified than adversaries of freedom are willing to admit, a new poll from Rasmussen Reports has suggested. On X, the respected pollster revealed that at least 30 percent of Democrats will likely vote for Trump in the 2024 general election.

This foreshadows what President Trump himself has previously called an incoming “epic political earthquake” next year that could set the country on track to embrace the 45th president’s reelection bid in the name of restoring safety and sanity to the country.

Per Rasmussen, a big chunk of Democrat voters are not only likely to vote for Trump in November, but an overwhelming number of leftist voters are finding themselves aligned with simple, common sense sentiments that have been elevated by the MAGA movement for a long time.

For example, they found that 67 percent of Democrats are concerned that America is becoming a police state, while another 62 percent approve of expanding construction on the southern border wall.

A whopping 59 percent of Democrats also said that they believed that Federal agents “helped provoke the Jan 6th riot” and another 40 percent agreed that “Trump was right about a border wall.”

These findings are significant because they indicate mainstream support for the common sense policy pitches of President Donald Trump’s Agenda 47 platform, which takes aim at securing the border, diminishing the size of U.S. federal agencies, and outing shadowy government corruption and weaponization.

Trump is powerfully poised to win the general election in a big way if this trend among Democrat voters continues. In GOP primary polling, the president is leading so powerfully that he has all but clinched the nomination ahead of next year’s National Republican Convention.

A new poll from Emerson College found that the president had a 51-point lead over the field of prospective GOP candidates, reducing every other contender down to single-digit support nationwide.

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