Steve Bannon talks with Tucker about what could cause a ‘political revolution’ in America

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“War Room” host and former Trump advisor Steve Bannon talked with journalist Tucker Carlson on X this week about the shifting political tides in America, the threat of illegal immigration, and what could potentially cause a “political revolution” within the country.

Bannon talked about the overwhelming scale of illegal immigration, explaining, “We have the equivalent of 35 combat divisions, [a] combat division being about 10,000 men. The scale of this is incredible.”

He also warned that the country was in financial freefall, noting, “We are technically in bankruptcy right now” as America is allowing millions of “illegal alien invaders” to flood into states and communities nationwide.  

“This situation is going to cause a political revolution in our country,” he said.

Bannon pointed out that President Trump brought national attention to the problem of illegal immigration when he ran for the White House in 2016, but “the issue is five times worse today…both in the immigration part of it and the financial part of it.”  

And, for those Americans who are under the age of 35, he bluntly stated, “You’re a Russian serf – you don’t own anything, and you’re not going to own anything.”

He described the coming storm over the fallout of illegal immigration as “Damocles’ sword over the head of this nation” and predicted that it would take “at least a decade” of hard decisions to undo the damage that had been done, beginning in 2025.

Bannon has been a blunt and hardline supporter of President Trump. In July, he gave a fiery speech at Turning Point Action in West Palm Beach, Florida, declaring that the country was waging a “holy war” against Deep State corruption and emphasizing the importance of taking the nation back from its descent into tyranny.

He said, “This is a CRUSADE! This is a HOLY WAR against the Deep State. Donald Trump is our instrument for RETRIBUTION. I don’t want to hear Glenn Youngkin in a vest, I don’t want to hear Kemp with his Georgia accent…Donald Trump is our instrument for righteous indignation!”

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