‘Success can bring us together’: Trump discusses American unity

Photo: Alamy

President Donald Trump reaffirmed his commitment to American success during a recent interview on the Full Send Podcast Thursday, where he even spoke about hopes to unify Americans across the political aisle.

When discussing the current state of the country, he stated, “We have politicians that put America last. I think Biden puts America last.”

The 45th president noted how divided the people are and blamed Biden as well as Obama, but instead of dwelling on what they have done wrong, he focused on the successes of his leadership. He noted record job growth, success for minorities, and women. “Every single group was doing better than they’ve ever done,” said Trump.

The Foundation for Economic Education reported in 2020 that Trump’s pre-pandemic economy offered minorities historic successes. 

Throughout the interview, he explained that his biggest concern regarding economic success is American energy. He declared that energy independence is the main component of prosperity in the U.S.

President Trump also spoke about the economic benefits the nation received due to his policies regarding Chinese trade. 

He detailed how adding tariffs to Chinese imports generated “hundreds of billions of dollars” for the U.S. economy. Although this move was heavily criticized by political opponents, the Biden administration has allowed these tariffs to remain in place, and may be implementing more, according to the Alliance for American Manufacturing.

In addition, President Trump admitted that even leftists and Democrats were contacting him while he was in office and offering to make peace. He said, “Had covid not not come in, we would have had a unified country.”

He proudly declared that, “Our nation was coming together.”

President Trump expressed a strong desire to rekindle that unity through another successful term in office, stating, “Success can bring us together.” 

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