Survey Says: Trump Beats Biden in a Hypothetical 2024 Race

by Libby Krieger

A series of September polls released by the McLaughlin & Associates group found that Americans have come to miss President Donald Trump— and would elect him in 2024 if given the chance.

Respondents indicated that if the 2024 election were today between President Trump and Biden, 50 percent would cast their vote for the 45th President while only 47 percent would for Biden.

A whopping 60 percent also agreed with the following statement:

“Say what you will about Donald Trump, but we had very low inflation, less illegal
immigration, gas prices were much lower and — until things exploded after George
Floyd’s murder — there much less crime when he was president.”

Though Trump was often criticized for his strong attitude, over 50 percent agreed that they’ve come to appreciate Trump’s confrontational and tough style after experiencing just months of Biden.

Americans also revealed their frustration with Biden’s handling of the Afghanistan withdrawal, with 58 percent admitting they disagreed with Biden’s statement that it was an “extraordinary success.”

Not only did Trump pull ahead against Biden but also against Kamala Harris, as he received 49 percent to her 47 percent support in a hypothetical 2024 Presidential election.

While President Trump beats both hypothetical Democratic opponents for 2024, the survey also shows him significantly leading other possible Republican Candidates—among Republican primary voters, 59 percent pledged support to Trump.

Clearly indicated with the polls, many Americans are fed up by Joe Biden’s poor leadership—especially with Afghanistan—and miss Trump enough to re-elect him.

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