Tens of thousands of Biden pseudonym emails located by NARA, Trump weighs in

by Summer Lane

Photo: Alamy

The hits keep coming for Joe Biden as the nation learns more about his alleged murky international business dealings. Now, the U.S. National Archives have reportedly dredged up over 80,000 emails that have drawn more serious questions, multiple outlets have confirmed.

According to Just the News, 82,000 emails that were sent and received during Biden’s time as vice president have been found by NARA, spread between three different private servers with pseudonyms.

The pseudonym accounts were:

Lt. General Mike Flynn weighed in on the revelation on X, writing, “Seriously, how much more evidence do we need for those who still believe Biden actually won the 2020 presidential election? What will it take to otherwise convince those few remaining doubters our elections are not fair? I mean who the hell uses pseudonyms like Joe Biden used?”

The House Oversight Committee has continued to investigate the Bidens

In the wake of a year of bombshell testimonies and investigations in the House of Representatives centered on the Biden family’s alleged shady business dealings abroad, this recent revelation is even more impactful.

Per Just the News’ report, the Biden emails were uncovered via a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit at the behest of the Southeastern Legal Foundation. According to the Daily Mail, the emails in question also span the entirety of the eight-year Obama administration.

And, as most outlets have pointed out, the 82,000 emails linked to Joe Biden eclipses former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s infamous email scandal in 2016. A whopping 33,000 emails were located on Clinton’s private server.

On Truth Social, Trump weighed in on the recent news about Biden’s past emails with a simple comment: “WOW – BIG NEWS!”

Currently, there is an impeachment inquiry against Joe Biden in the House of Representatives. The proceedings were kicked off in September and lost a little steam amid the internal congressional scramble to elect a new Speaker of the House.  

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