The border crisis: New DHS report confirms Biden admin is losing track of illegals in the U.S.

2JP3A9F New York, USA. 15th Aug, 2022. Migrants in bus at Port Authority. A bus with 52 asylum seekers from Texas arrived at Port Authority. According to Commissioner Manuel Castro of the Mayor's Office of Immigrant Affairs, two out of three buses that departed Texas and had been scheduled to arrive did not. The commissioner estimates approximately 120 migrants slated to reach New York City left the buses along the way. Many of the asylum seekers were hungry and sick, were reportedly forced to sign away their rights under duress, and were accompanied by either state law enforcement or pri

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A federal probe has revealed that nearly 20 percent of illegal immigrants crossing into the U.S. through the southern border are slipping under the radar. 

According to Breitbart, the DHS is tasked with monitoring illegal immigrants on a monthly basis, but the new report notes that the department is losing track of 2 in 10.

This probe was issued by DHS Inspector General (IG) Joseph Cuffari to measure the state of current catch-and-release policies. 

The IG report noted, “Based on our review of 981,671 migrant records documented by USBP from March 2021 through August 2022, addresses for more than 177,000 migrant records were either missing, invalid for delivery, or not legitimate residential locations.”

In addition, the Washington Examiner reported that last month was a surge in illegal crossings from Mexico into the United States. This amounted to almost twice as many in June.

The outlet reported that CBP numbers show 182,401 people were processed for illegally crossing in August. Since Biden took office, over 7 million illegal immigrants have entered the nation despite the Biden administration’s claims that their border policy is a success, the Washington Examiner reported.

While this issue was once mainly felt by border states, now that New York has received tens of thousands of illegals shipped to the state, residents in the northeast are also expressing concerns and even supporting President Trump’s border wall, per the Daily Caller.

Approximately 41 percent of New Yorkers are in favor of the border wall construction, the Daily Caller reported. Nearly half also believe that illegal immigrants use more resources than the city can provide, and 82 percent of New York residents believe that the border crisis is a “serious problem,” according to the ouetlet

The Daily Caller also noted that even New York City Mayor Eric Adams (D) said, “Never in my life have I had a problem that I didn’t see an ending to. I don’t see an ending to this. … This issue will destroy New York City.”

He has pledged to cut five percent of all city services to support the illegal immigrant population and told his constituents that the issue is “going to come to your neighborhoods,” according to the Daily Caller.

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