The House will vote on censuring squad member Rashida Tlaib on Wednesday

by Summer Lane

Photo: Alamy

The House of Representatives will vote on a resolution to censure Rep. Rashida Tlaib, D-Mich., on Wednesday, roughly one week after it was introduced on the floor by Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, R-Ga.

The censure resolution comes after Rep. Tlaib’s alleged involvement in the pro-Palestinian demonstrations at the U.S. Capitol in October that resulted in hundreds of people being arrested after they entered the Cannon House Building.

Rep. Tlaib attended the demonstration outside the U.S. Capitol, but it is unclear if she entered the building with the protestors.

In a letter to colleagues in D.C., Rep. Greene explained that it was members’ duty to “defend America’s interests and to hold politicians accountable for engaging in anti-American activities.”

She accused Rep. Tlaib of using “talking points” utilized by Hamas and Hezbollah. She wrote of Tlaib, “She has advocated for pro-Hamas riots across the country, making American Jews fear for their lives, and signaling to Israel that America does not support them in their fight against evil.”

As reported by RSBN, Tlaib has been linked to Hamas via murky funding, and she has a history of making disturbing comments regarding Jewish people and the nation of Israel.

Greene pointed out that Tlaib had continually referred to Israel as an “apartheid state, implying that Israel is the nation perpetrating a genocide.” She also noted Tlaib’s refusal to call for a “peaceful diplomatic solution to the war” between Israel and Hamas.

Importantly, Rep. Greene further highlighted the group chat that was allegedly pinpointed between pro-Palestinian demonstrators’ phones, labeled, “Global Intifada,” which means “rebellion” in Arabic.

“Calling for violent terrorist rebellion inside the Capitol complex is behavior that must be condemned by the House of Representatives, and the Constitution gives us the power to do just that: censure,” Greene added.

On X, Rep. Greene slammed Tlaib for inciting a “Hamasurrection inside the U.S. Capitol complex” and scorched the Michigan Democrat for her “history of anti-American, antisemitic remarks…”

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