The one-year countdown to American greatness has begun

by Summer Lane

Op-ed by Summer Lane | Photo: Alamy

One year from now, the 2024 presidential election will determine the fate of America. Voters across this great nation will ultimately decide if the United States will continue its current trajectory of economic devastation, global chaos, and domestic unrest, or if the country will take a better route aimed at reclaiming peace and prosperity.

In November 2024, Americans will choose between President Donald Trump and Joe Biden in a historic rematch at the ballot box, and the chances that the country chooses to return to Trump-era policies are better than ever before.

The world is embroiled now in chaos, rocked by the atrocities that have engulfed the Middle East and Eastern Europe. The southern border has facilitated the mass migration of millions of unvetted and potentially dangerous terrorist operatives, and domestic inflation is destroying the American middle class, paving the way for a two-tier socialist cultural realignment.

America has never been lower but hope for the future has never been higher.

In one year, Americans will be challenged to pick up their ballots and issue a thunderous rejection of Joe Biden and his lackeys’ catastrophic administration. In one year, the United States will likely have elected a new president. In one year, the fate of America’s future will be on the voters’ shoulders.

As the country weakens, Americans lean into Trump’s strength

President Trump is in the best position he’s ever been in to win the presidency, which is saying something. Trump’s victory in 2016 was a cataclysmic event for Washington elites and a victory for everyday Americans who strongly opposed the candidacy of Hillary Clinton. The president’s 2020 election results were better than 2016, capturing millions of more votes the second time around.

Trump has called the four-year span between the Biden administration and his likely reelection a “pause.” He has strongly asserted that the 2020 election was “rigged and stolen,” and has highlighted the importance of Republican voter turnout to “swamp” any potential cheating in 2024.

He told a crowd of supporters in South Carolina this year, “They rigged the presidential election of 2020…We’re NOT going to allow them to RIG the presidential election of 2024 or we’re NOT GOING TO HAVE A COUNTRY!”

The conflict in the Middle East and the ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine has given strength to America’s enemies, emboldening nuclear-armed countries like North Korea and Iran. China has waded into the fray, posturing itself to assume global dominance as Biden’s foreign policies have left the United States weakened and humiliated on the world stage.

Within the U.S., Americans are being crushed under the weight of a hyperinflated market. Housing prices are out of sight. The average car costs around $50,000. Grocery bills are astronomically expensive. Gas costs more than ever. Energy prices are continuing to rise. American manufacturing is consistently being outsourced to other countries.

Biden’s weakness and failure have driven Americans to lean more than ever into President Trump’s proven policies of strength and common sense. MAGA has become the life preserver of American freedom, and a cursory glance at the most recent political polls strongly indicates that most voters are grabbing tightly to that lifeline.

An electoral slam dunk

If the election were held this week, President Donald Trump would win in a landslide electoral victory, according to a new mainstream poll from The New York Times. As a traditional legacy media outlet, the NYT’s survey is a powerful foreshadowing of just how red America is leaning ahead of next year’s general election.

According to their data, Trump is currently leading Biden in five out of six swing states, which would mean that the 45th president is on track to win well over 300 electoral votes next year if the results stay even close to the same – which they likely will. For reference, to win the presidency, a candidate needs to get at least 270 electoral votes.

That same poll found that 59 percent of American voters trusted Trump to handle the economy, while only 37 percent trusted Biden. That’s a significant margin, and it speaks to the fact that people across all political demographics are acutely feeling the sting of an economy in freefall.

In an official statement from Trump campaign spokespeople Chris LaCivita and Susie Wiles, they lauded the importance of the upcoming election.

They wrote, “Tens of millions of patriots will vote to salvage what’s left of a Country that is being ravaged by widespread judicial corruption, crippling inflation, skyrocketing cost of living increases, crime-infested streets, and a completely open Southern Border — all fueled by Crooked Joe Biden’s ineptness and determination to remake America in Europe’s image.”

Joe Biden’s incompetency and failure have carved a path for MAGA’s triumph in 2024.

Unprecedented primary success

President Trump is leading the Republican primary polls with such overwhelming numbers (48 points, according to Morning Consult), that he has not even attended the GOP primary debates. No other candidate has even come within striking distance of his dominant position. Even Gov. Ron DeSantis, R-Fla., who was once seen as a conservative leader who might rise to a position of dominance in the Republican Party, has lost significant popularity among voters who have rejected his presidential bid in favor of Trump.

In fact, in his home state of Florida, Gov. DeSantis has lost the majority of Floridian support, with 60 percent of voters in the Sunshine State indicating that they would prefer to see Donald Trump as the 2024 Republican nominee, according to the University of North Florida’s Public Opinion Research Lab poll. This gives Trump a huge 39-point advantage in DeSantis’s backyard.

The Trump campaign explained, “Despite those in the GOP political establishment who insist on having more debates for an ever-shrinking audience and repeat talking points that sound like they were written by Democrats or the Lincoln Project, the Trump Campaign is using the time during the primaries and caucuses to fine-tune an already superior organization that we will replicate nationally.”

The one-year countdown clock

So much can happen in one year. The world is disastrously close to World War III. By this time next November, the global stage could look completely different – and potentially much worse than it does now. A world war this time around would likely be nuclear, as Trump has warned, and that should serve as a sobering reminder of just how important executive leadership is.

Will the United States be embroiled in a direct conflict in November 2024? Retired Lt. Gen. Mike Flynn recently suggested that he could foresee Joe Biden declaring a national emergency next year, which could potentially pause the upcoming general election. It seems likely that a global war could kick off at any moment. Such a conflict would certainly give Biden the leverage to possibly issue a declaration of emergency.

“The fight in GAZA is ‘coming home’ to the USA,” Trump wrote on Truth Social recently. He said that the “tens of thousands of strong young men from the Middle East” immigrating illegally over the southern border, “will become a problem the likes of which we have never seen before.”

In the face of such chilling possibilities, Americans resonate with the common sense observations of Trump, and they understand the potential threats that lay abroad and domestically. To keep the peace, to protect the Republic, and to restore national and global balance, next November will be a critical turning point in our nation’s history. The 2024 presidential election is set to usher in not just the return of Donald Trump as the 47th president, but the revival of the beautiful American dream.

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