The PEOPLE support Trump ahead of Tuesday’s arraignment

by Jessica Marie Baumgartner

Photo: Alamy

Large crowds gathered Monday to support President Donald Trump as he headed to New York to face indictment charges. 

This historic legal precedent is leading Americans to rally behind him stronger than ever. His campaign has gained an impressive $7 million in donations since the charges have been announced, per RSBN

As President Trump left Florida to travel to New York to be fingerprinted and photographed, his advisor Dan Scavino Jr. posted a video of the patriots who lined the streets to show their support. 

Eric Trump also posted a video of supporters waving Trump flags and cheering President Trump on. 

Interactive Polls most recent primary survey determined that Trump is still leading polling for the 2024 Republican primary, holding 57 percent of the vote.

To display President Trump’s resilience, Jason Miller, his senior advisor, confidently posted, “Next Stop: New York City!”

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