The truth behind Biden’s economic strategies

by John Hanna

Op-ed by John Hanna | Photo: Alamy

Which president has had the highest rate of inflation since the Carter administration? Joe Biden. Who raised gas prices exponentially over the last two and a half years? Joe Biden. And yet the Biden administration claims the United States is flourishing under the Biden administration’s supervision. 

According to one tweet from The Post Millennial, White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said, “Bidenomics is working, [and] consumer confidence has shot to the highest level in two years.” Meanwhile, Bidenomics is not working out well for most Americans.

According to the White House, Bidenomics is a goal of the Biden administration and centers on three things. 

1) Making smart public investments in America,

2) Empowering and educating workers to grow the middle class,

3) Promoting competition to lower costs and help entrepreneurs and small businesses grow. 

These principles sound great presented on paper, but it is the execution of this proposal that becomes the issue. It would stand to reason that part of making a smart public investment is finishing ongoing projects before starting another one, or more so, not abandoning a project midway through. 

Abandoning construction of the border wall started during the Trump administration does just that. As a result, the United States faces an ongoing border crisis the Biden administration has notoriously neglected to address, evidenced by a letter from Texas Governor Greg Abbott.

In addition, most Americans are still trying to escape the iron grip of inflation. Food, gas, and other common goods have seen skyrocketing prices and no change in income levels for most Americans.

This neither empowers nor grows the middle class. Instead, it only hurts them more. It seems the Biden administration has made things worse instead of better. 

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