The WHO finally admits Covid is over

by Jessica Marie Baumgartner

Photo: Alamy

The Covid-19 pandemic is over. For many Americans, it has been for months or even years since they considered it over, but nevertheless, Biden signed a bill ending the national emergency last month, according to the White House. Now, the WHO has finally announced that the “public health emergency” has officially ended, per Just the News.

Just this week President Trump remembered the pandemic response as “a very tough period for our country,” according to RSBN

Many Americans have long viewed the pandemic as over. Even NPR reported in the summer of 2020 that increasing evidence indicated the Covid-19 virus was not as deadly as predicted.

In February, the Washington Examiner reported that a large study concluded that masks don’t work. Before that, there was dissent in the medical community over the efficacy of masks, but medical professionals and Americans who questioned mandates were censored. 

RSBN reported on the Twitter Files, which exposed Big Tech censorship of pandemic information that challenged popular narratives, even when proven true. Instead of focusing on public health, Big Tech giants were led to censor a variety of posts including those regarding the deaths of celebrities who took the vaccine to ensure that the public did not fear taking the experimental shot, which was not subject to typical years-long clinical trial phases.

The pandemic was highly politically divisive and different states’ responses determined whether or not Americans’ constitutional rights were protected or stripped. The Biden administration is currently being sued by the Missouri Attorney General, Andrew Bailey, for colluding with Big Tech companies to infringe on Americans’ free speech rights, via Missouri Attorney General News.

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