‘THIRD WORLD’ elections: Trump blasts Pennsylvania’s delayed Senate primary results

2J780YW Former U.S. President Donald Trump speaks during a rally to boost Pennsylvania Republican U.S. Senate candidate Dr. Mehmet Oz (not pictured) ahead of the May 17 primary election at the Westmoreland Fairgrounds in Greensburg, Pennsylvania, U.S. May 6, 2022. REUTERS/Hannah Beier

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President Donald Trump criticized Pennsylvania’s vote counting as the state has yet to determine a winner in the GOP Senate primary almost a week after voters cast their ballots.

Dr. Mehmet Oz and hedge fund CEO David McCormick are separated by less than half of a percentage point in the Republican Party’s U.S. Senate primary in the state of Pennsylvania.

According to The Hill, a recount is expected to take place since Pennsylvania’s automatic recount law triggers a recount of the election if candidates are separated by less than half a percentage point.

Trump wrote Monday on Truth Social, “Pennsylvania’s ‘count’ could be a long time in coming. It is all screwed up.” He explained, “Mail-In Ballots are a disaster for America. Allows large scale, systematic cheating.”

As an alternative to mail-in ballots, Trump urged Americans, “Go to PAPER BALLOTS, SAME DAY VOTING.” He added, “Our Elections are strictly THIRD WORLD.”

The 45th president has warned Americans countless times about the insecure process of U.S. elections in recent years. New evidence continues to be released by organizations such as True the Vote, highlighting the significant dangers of election fraud in U.S. elections. Trump has told Republicans to keep a close eye on the midterms since mail-in ballots created a major problem in the 2020 presidential election.

Trump commented Monday on the media’s coverage of Pennsylvania’s delayed GOP Senate primary results, saying, “To the WSJ Editorial board: Is Pennsylvania still O.K.? 6 Days and Still Counting. Gee, I wonder why? France, one day and done. Get a NEW BOARD (if it actually matters)!”

The unreliability of mail-in voting and counting votes in U.S. elections is alarming for a nation that leads the free world. As Trump has pointed out, the election process in the United States has lately more closely resembled the election process of third-world countries.

While Pennsylvania prepares for a likely recount, The Philadelphia Inquirer reports that both candidates have assembled teams of lawyers to ensure safe and secure election results in the GOP primary.

The legal battle is currently focused on undated mail-in ballots. While Dr. Oz gained an advantage from in-person voting, the McCormick campaign has held an advantage with mail-in ballots. Therefore, the courts’ decisions regarding whether or not undated ballots should be counted will likely play a key role in determining the winner of the GOP Senate primary in Pennsylvania.

Oz’s campaign manager, Casey Contres, stated over the weekend, “David McCormick has been a formidable opponent, but it is becoming obvious that he is likely going to come up short to Dr. Mehmet Oz.”

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