‘This is a case about politics, pure and simple’: Trump’s family stands by his side

by Hailey Gomez

Photo: Alamy

President Donald Trump’s family called out the New York trial as closing arguments began, speaking up in support of him outside of the courthouse.

Both Donald Trump Jr. and Lara Trump, the co-chair of the Republican National Committee, stood outside the New York courthouse, calling attention to the case brought forward by Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg. Bragg charged Trump with 34 felony counts, alleging he falsified business records.

Lara Trump spoke out to the media, stating that the case has never been about “protecting and actual crime,” highlighting the ongoing criminal activity in the city that locals have been facing.

“This is pretty obvious after all of the evidence has been presented now. We can very clearly see, if you didn’t already know, that this was never a case about seeking justice. This was never a case about prosecuting an actual crime. This was never a case about protecting the citizens of the city of New York. This is a case about politics, pure and simple,” Lara Trump stated.

The RNC co-chair continued to state, “It is such a shame, as someone who used to live in the city, to see the top law enforcement officer in the city of New York — Alvin Bragg — sitting up in that courtroom. Knowing all the resources he pulled together, all the time, all the taxpayer money in this city that was spent to go into this case.”

“When, as Eric just noted, you have crime sky-high, people being pushed in front of subways, women getting punched in the face in broad daylight, in this city antisemitism spewing out of our universities right here in New York City. They’re not caring about any of those crimes, they care about this — which we know is not a crime,” Lara Trump stated.

Just prior to Lara, Trump’s oldest son, Donald Trump Jr., ripped the Democrats for holding a rally across from the courthouse. Donald Trump Jr. additionally called out the gag order that was placed against Trump during the trial, limiting him from making public statements about witnesses, prosecutors besides Bragg, court staff, jurors, and family members of the staff, district attorney, or judge.

“The fact that they are holding a rally across the street from this very witch hunt, right across the street, tells us exactly what we all knew all along. That it is a political persecution, it is a witch hunt. There is a reason one of the people sitting at that desk was the number three person in Joe Biden’s DoJ,” Donald Trump Jr. stated.

“I know my father is not allowed to say Matthew Colangelo in his name, right? Because he’s been gagged. The President of the United States is not allowed to exercise his First Amendment rights in New York City in this day and age.”

Just outside of the New York courthouse Tuesday, the Biden campaign held a press conference in which actor Robert De Niro and two officers who were at the Capitol on Jan. 6 spoke out against Trump, according to NBC News. However, De Niro was seen getting called out by some who stated he was “washed up,” triggering the actor to yell back.

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