Thousands protest against COVID mandates in Italy and Switzerland

by Gary Smith

As the European Union moves closer to unified mandates for vaccine passports, protests in some of the bloc’s largest cities are becoming a daily occurrence. 

In Trieste, Italy, thousands poured into the streets this weekend to publicize their opposition to compulsory “Green Passes,” which will be required in the country by Oct. 15. 

Dockworkers, the heart of the global supply chain, aside from factory workers, power plants, and cargo ships, are said to be teaming up with Italian trade unions in calls for general strikes across Italy, if their objections are ignored. 

In Bern, the capital of Switzerland, protestors took over a railway station on Friday, to protest their own brand of COVID mandates, which are beginning to segregate the unvaccinated from free society. 

Police earlier in the week blocked the streets in Bern to stop scores of protestors ‘armed’ with drums and strong voices. In the week before, police used water cannons to disperse the unarmed crowd as an attempt was made to storm the Parliamentary building. 

These protests have stemmed from a decision by the Swiss government to mandate vaccination for access to all restaurants, bars, and other previously public venues. 

The country known for its fierce independence and financial sovereignty justified the decision by saying they were simply trying to “prevent hospitals from being overstretched.” 

According to data published by the Swiss government, the country has only experienced an average of seven COVID-related deaths a day for much of September.

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