Tides seem to be turning in New York for freedom-loving Americans

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Tides are turning in New York for freedom-loving Americans while political trends are breaking the stereotypical liberal-leaning underpinnings of the nation’s most famous city-state as a historic midterm election looms large on the horizon.

On Monday, a New York Supreme Court judge ordered the reinstatement of New York City sanitation workers who had been fired due to their vaccination status, as reported by RSBN.

The ruling was a massive smackdown of the types of policies supported by Gov. Kathy Hochul, D-N.Y., who has unflinchingly supported vaccine mandates during her brief time in the governor’s office.

In fact, Hochul fumbled badly during a debate with Republican and Trump-endorsed gubernatorial nominee Lee Zeldin this week, vowing that she “would do it all over again” in terms of re-imposing Covid vaccine mandates on healthcare workers, per the Daily Mail.

Hochul’s soft approach to crime has rubbed many New Yorkers the wrong way, arguably hurting her campaign.

Hochul, who became New York’s first female governor in the wake of the resignation of disgraced and embattled Democrat Gov. Andrew Cuomo, has drawn the ire of even the most liberal-leaning voters in the state over her support of strict Covid mandates and regulations.

Hochul’s stringent leftist policies seem to have left a bad taste in New Yorkers’ mouths as vaccine mandates have left thousands jobless and violent crimes have continued to rage through the streets, completely unfettered.

Per New York Daily News, Trump-endorsed Lee Zeldin has arisen from the outlier shadows of the political arena and narrowed the gap between himself and Hochul to just four points, based on a new Quinnipiac University poll.

Zeldin’s rise through the polls is no small thing, especially in a resoundingly blue state like New York. In fact, the state has not had a Republican governor since former Gov. George Pataki in 2007. Per the Yonkers Times, Pataki actually endorsed Zeldin in September, telling the press, “I am here today for one purpose, and that’s to proudly endorse Lee Zeldin as the next Governor of New York state. I love this state. I have lived here my whole life. I spent a large part of my life doing everything I could to make this state a better place.”

President Donald Trump has frequently warned voters about the dangers of reelecting radical left Democrats like Hochul and New York State Democrat Attorney General Letitia James. “New York will quickly dissolve into a Third World Hell Hole, where violent criminals will completely rule the streets – If they don’t already?” Trump stated in late October.

Although polls can only guess where the gubernatorial race will end up, Hochul is facing an impressive challenger in Zeldin, who represents a stark contrast to her failed policies that have continued post-Covid chaos and unemployment woes for everyday citizens.  

A Zeldin victory in New York would usher in a new era of post-Covid politics that could elevate New Yorkers out of the blood-soaked streets of violent crime and unconstitutional mandates.

Ultimately, New York voters will decide whether they will permanently turn the political tide in their state or not on Nov. 8.

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