TODAY: Trump will vow to avenge Israel as president and protect America from domestic threats

by Summer Lane

Photo: Alamy

President Donald Trump will bring the hammer today in Las Vegas, where he is set to deliver remarks that take aim at the “barbaric atrocities” committed by Hamas terrorists against the great nation of Israel.

According to prepared remarks, the president will reassure Jewish Americans gathered at the Republican Jewish Coalition this afternoon in the wake of a prospective 2024 presidential victory, he will “decimate” Hamas and avenge the horrific killing of Israelis at the hands of the terrorists.

“We will fully support the Israelis in their mission to ensure that Hamas is decimated, and these atrocities are AVENGED,” he will vow.

President Trump will make his stance on the Middle Eastern war very clear, stating, “This is a fight between civilization and savagery, between decency and depravity, and between GOOD and EVIL.”.

President Trump will also boldly ensure all Americans who are afraid that the “catastrophic weakness of Biden” will bring the United States to “ruin” that he will restore “peace through strength” and prevent a global world war.

In light of fears that Hamas could stage terrorist attacks within the borders of the United States, Trump will unflinchingly assure Americans, “If you spill a drop of American blood, we spill a gallon of yours.”

The president is further expected to touch on energy policy, Iran’s growing nuclear power, and the threat of growing anti-Semitism within America’s borders. He will make a rallying call of unity between American patriots and Israel supporters in the face of the increasing intensity of foreign and domestic dangers.

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