Trevor Noah teases Biden on Saudi, UAE phone report: ‘This would have never happened to Donald Trump’

Trevor Noah, host of the “The Daily Show,” teased Biden during an opening monologue last week after countries in the Arabian Gulf reportedly ignored Biden’s calls to discuss potential oil deals amidst soaring gas prices. The liberal comedian insisted, “this would have never happened to Donald Trump.”

“You have got to be kidding me,” Noah said, referring to a recent Wall Street Journal report revealing Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates (UAE) did not answer the White House’s calls to discuss oil deals after Biden banned Russian oil. “Apparently, Saudi Arabia won’t even pick up the phone for the President of the United States,” he added.

“You can say what you want, but this would have never happened to Donald Trump. Never,” Noah stressed.

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki denied the reports on Thursday, “There were no rebuffed calls. Period.”

Nonetheless, Noah maintains countries would be “racing to pick up the phone” if Trump was on the line.

“That’s why I bet in these situations, Biden actually wishes that he could hire Trump to step in as President Wild Card. You know?” he joked. “Just keep everyone on their toes. ‘Cause if Trump was calling, you best believe the UAE — they’ll be racing to pick up the phone.”

Congressman Lee Zeldin, R-N.Y., also slammed Biden over the report, calling it a “TOTAL EMBARRASSMENT” on Twitter.

Trump called out Biden’s inability to maneuver foreign relations during his Save America rally in South Carolina over the weekend.

“The Fake News said my personality would get us into a war. ‘I’m telling you that guy is gonna get us into a war!’ but actually my personality is what kept us out of war,” Trump told the crowds.

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