True the Vote details how ‘mules’ trafficked an election-changing number of votes

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The groundbreaking film “2000 Mules” that premiered last week takes a deep dive into True the Vote’s evidence of election fraud and explains how exactly “mules” trafficked enough ballots to swing the 2020 election.

What is a mule? According to True the Vote founder Catherine Engelbrecht – whose election integrity organization provided the hard data for the film – a “mule” is a person involved in picking up ballots from locations and running them to drop boxes.

Typically, this involved a hired “mule” visiting drop boxes and activist non-profit organizations, or “stash houses,” and then distributing them to the actual drop box locations.

“So, you have the collectors on the one hand,” Engelbrecht explained in the film, “you have the stash houses – which are the non-profits – and you have the mules that are doing the drops.”

Charlie Kirk, who appeared briefly in the film “2000 Mules” asks a question on Twitter regarding mules caught on camera.

Engelbrecht continued, “To us…it felt a lot like a cartel, it felt a lot like trafficking…in this instance, it’s ballot trafficking. So, we began to use that vernacular.”

True the Vote’s investigation, which utilized advanced geotracking technology to follow the movements of each mule, pinpointed the following data from five swing states including Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin.

According to election intelligence analyst Gregg Phillips, they purchased 10 trillion signals, a “massive data transfer” that zeroed in on mules who were visiting drop boxes repeatedly.

True the Vote took measures to ensure their data is “absolutely” free of “false positives” from appearing in the data. The 2,000 mules Engelbrecht and Phillips refer to must meet these requirements: visit at least 10 drop boxes and make at least five visits to an activist organization.

While this methodology does not identify all ballot traffickers, it identifies the worst offenders.

The film states that 2,000 mules who visited about 38 drop boxes each with an average of five illegal ballots per drop totals 380,000 illegal votes.

Based on this data with the criterion of 10 or more drop box visits per mule, the film finds that if you exclude the illegal votes found in Arizona, Georgia, and Pennsylvania, Trump would win the 2020 election with a 279 electoral vote victory.

However, when the criterion is adjusted to five drop box visits per mule, the data changes, revealing a staggering 54,000 mules who dropped an average of three ballots per stop. The film contends that these 810,000 total illegal ballots would give President Trump a landslide 305 electoral vote victory against Joe Biden.

It is important to note that True the Vote’s investigation focused on particular counties and does not reflect the entirety of the swing states.

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