Trump announces huge veterans’ coalition in New Hampshire

by Summer Lane

Photo: Alamy

President Donald Trump announced on Tuesday the launch of a new “Veterans for Trump” coalition in the great state of New Hampshire, which the campaign revealed would be accompanied by war veteran and Florida Rep. Brian Mast (R).

Co-chair of the new group, John Coughlin, stated, “President Trump has always been a champion for the men and women who served our nation by ensuring they received great care, benefits, and jobs. He held corrupt government bureaucrats accountable for their lack of care and made sure the VA was treating veterans with honor and dignity.”

Crowds lined up on Tuesday in New Hampshire in the rain to hear President Trump speak.

Trump’s launch of the coalition came just hours before he was scheduled to arrive in New Hampshire and deliver remarks at a campaign event in Windham.

According to the campaign, the president’s work for veterans in America has been unmatched.

In a statement, the campaign reminded voters, “President Trump championed and signed the VA Accountability and the Veterans Appeals Improvement Acts, the most significant VA reforms in a generation that led to a far more responsive and efficient Department of Veterans Affairs. Over 10,000 federal workers who failed to give our warriors the quality and timely care they so richly deserve were FIRED.”

The president additionally approved the VA Choice and VA Mission Acts while in office, which facilitated the ability of “more than 2.4 MILLION VETERANS to access over 725,000 private health care providers.”

President Trump’s New Hampshire “Veterans for Trump” is comprised of 120 veterans representing all members of the U.S. Armed Forces.

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