Trump applauds school choice leader Corey DeAngelis, champions parental rights

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As a continued fighter for parental rights, President Donald Trump praised school choice leader Corey A. DeAngelis for the release of his new book, “The Parent Revolution.”

The 45th president wrote on Truth Social on Wednesday, “Corey DeAngelis is a FIGHTER for Parental Rights.”

He praised the book and noted that it is a “great guide” for parents seeking to avoid “the RADICAL MARXISTS ruining our schools.”

President Trump added, “School Choice is the CIVIL RIGHTS ISSUE of our time, and parents must have a voice in their child’s education!”

He then reiterated his commitment to supporting families and their rights, stating, “When I am your President again, I will protect Parental Rights, support Teachers, and expand Educational Freedom for all American Families!”

Trump has been a strong voice in the parental rights movement. RSBN reported that he has backed groups like Moms for Liberty, and Moms for America. He even created his own Parents for Trump coalition that supports parental rights. 

His Agenda 47 initiative, released last fall, details how he plans to fix the failing public school system by increasing school choice, giving parents more control over public school curriculum, cutting ineffective Critical Race Theory (CRT) programs, and focusing on growing student’s skills, per RSBN

In addition, President Trump has been a staunch supporter of medical freedom, especially in regard to protecting parents’ rights to shield their children from government overreach. 

He pledged that public schools will lose funding if they implement vaccine and mask mandates, via RSBN, which were implemented during and after the 2020 pandemic.

Furthermore, he has promised to “eradicate” CRT and sexual content from public schools. 

According to RSBN, the 45th president likened public school leaders’ obsession with gender identity and sexuality to “child abuse,” and railed against public school support of child sex changes. 

Finally, President Trump has continued to express his support for homeschoolers. RSBN reported that he happily supported parents who choose to educate their children in his first term and will be their “champion” during his second.

Now, he is promoting Corey A. DeAngelis’s book, which presents the harsh reality of just how far the public education system has fallen and what parents can do to fight back.

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