Trump asks voters to stand by him as he takes on the ‘WASHINGTON SWAMP’

by Summer Lane

President Trump opened his remarks in Manchester, New Hampshire, on Saturday night by asking Americans to stand by his side as he takes on the “Washington swamp” in 2024.

The president held a signature MAGA rally at the SNHU Arena this weekend, with the state’s important GOP first-in-the-nation primary just three days away. Thousands of eager supporter packed into the venue.

President Trump declared, “Since 2016, you and I have been in this battle side by side, taking on the entire corrupt system in Washington like no one else has ever done before…the Washington swamp has done everything in its power to take away your voice.”

He noted that “your voice is going to be GIVEN BACK,” and that he believed “New Hampshire is going to speak very loudly and clearly” on Tuesday, Jan. 23.

“With your vote, you’re going to send a message straight to Crooked Joe Biden, the worst president in the history of our country,” he added.

He said that together, the country would “make America GREAT again” and told New Hampshire voters to “GET READY” for Tuesday’s primary.

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