Trump blasts Biden and the media for ignoring U.S. troops severely injured in Afghanistan blast

President Trump slammed Joe Biden and the media on Sunday night in a new interview with conservative talk show host Mark Levin, drawing attention to the U.S. troops who were tragically injured in Afghanistan during Joe Biden’s botched withdrawal.

“Those parents [of the fallen soldiers] are so angry at Biden – they wouldn’t even see him,” said Trump. “They refused to even talk about him or talk to him…the anger of the parents of those 13 young soldiers and you can imagine, also, the ones that were so badly hurt,” he added, drawing attention to troops who lost one or more limbs in the Kabul attack.

Biden in August oversaw a chaotic military withdrawal from Afghanistan, which resulted in the deaths of 13 American soldiers, as well as countless stranded American civilians on freshly reclaimed Taliban territory. For weeks, the number of remaining Americans behind enemy lines had been murky, but in October, the State Department confirmed that that there were at least 76 Americans left behind. In mid-November, the State Department also announced that it had arranged an exit for stranded U.S. citizens from Afghanistan back home.

President Trump also added that Biden’s handling of the Afghanistan crisis was the “most embarrassing and humiliating period in the history of our country.” Referring to his own plan to withdraw American troops from Afghanistan if he had been in the White House for a second term, Trump added, “”Nobody was going to be killed. We weren’t leaving $85 billion behind; we weren’t leaving 10 cents behind. I said, ‘Every bolt, every screw, every nail comes out.’”

The Afghanistan debacle hasn’t done Biden any favors. A November poll from mainstream media outlet NBC reported that 71 percent of Americans think that the country is headed in the “wrong direction” under Biden’s leadership. Further, 54 percent of Americans reported disapproving of Biden’s job performance overall.

“You have a real affinity, a real connection, with these men and women who fight for this country,” host Mark Levin commented during the interview. President Trump responded with a dig against the mainstream media, “I love them [U.S. troops], and one of the worst moments in the campaign for me [was] when they made up statements – a third-rate magazine that’s failing – said they have a source that said I said something somebody bad about soldiers that had died in World War I…they made up a statement, it was un-sourced…because it was never said.”

During Trump’s time in the White House, the media ran many currently disproved stories and fallacious allegations about President Trump, from the now-debunked Russian collusion conspiracies to the un-sourced and unverifiable “quotes” from Trump about U.S. troops. Certainly, Joe Biden’s performance over the Afghanistan debacle hasn’t gained him any popularity points with the American public, as indicated by GOP pollster John McLaughlin, who predicted in a recent poll that Trump would win in a “landslide” against Biden or Kamala Harris if the presidential election were to be held today.

President Trump seems to be far more popular with Americans than Joe Biden on every front, especially when it comes to the leadership provided to the United States military. During the interview, Levin asked Trump point-blank: “There are hundreds of American citizens there [Afghanistan]…would you have left hundreds of Americans in enemy territory?” Trump responded, “None. Okay, so the first thing they did [Biden administration] was take out the military…that’s why we had a lot of death. We would have had nobody killed.”

Going into the holiday season, Biden’s America is bogged down by unemployment, unsecured, chaotic borders, hyper-inflation, and the lingering sting of the international humiliation of a chaotic Afghanistan military withdrawal. Based on recent poll numbers be even mainstream media outlets, Americans aren’t happy with Joe Biden at all, which bodes well for President Trump as 2024 and a possible attempt to reclaim the White House looms on the horizon.

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