Trump blasts McCain family for ‘hoping to stop the Trump Train’

by Summer Lane

President Donald Trump slammed the McCain family this week in a new statement, decrying their political hypocrisy and ripping the late Sen. John McCain for his attempts to “stop the Trump train” during the 2016 presidential election. 

Trump remarked of the late Senator, “In his own very special way, he was a RINO’s RINO. Despite his fighting against me, I won Arizona by a lot in 2016 and won Arizona by even more in 2020—unfortunately the vote counters in 2020 were far more important than the candidate (See the determinative Report issued Wednesday by the Arizona Auditors!).” 

Sen. John McCain died in 2018 after a lengthy battle with brain cancer. In 2008, McCain ran as the Republican presidential nominee against Democratic nominee and then-dark horse candidate and Illinois Sen. Barack Obama.

McCain’s daughter, Meghan, recently walked away from her job as a co-host at “The View,” where she frequently sparred with more progressive co-hosts like Joy Behar and Whoopi Goldberg. Meghan, who provided a moderately tepid conservative perspective on the show, later claimed that she was bullied on “The View,” citing her premature departure as a direct result of an alleged toxic work environment. 

“Isn’t it funny that Meghan McCain, who has always been a bully and basically a lowlife, is now complaining that it was she who was bullied by the Slobs and Radical Left maniacs of ‘The View,’” Trump commented in his statement. Additionally, Trump said that Meghan McCain, with the applied pressure of many of her representatives, pressed him to allow John McCain’s funeral to take place in 2018. Trump said, “At the request of many of her representatives, I made it possible for her father to have the world’s longest funeral, designed and orchestrated by him, even though I was never, to put it mildly, a fan.” 

The late senator did not support President Trump during the 2016 election or during Trump’s time in office. McCain even voiced his thoughts about Trump’s supporters by calling them “crazies” in 2015.

“That was very insulting to those people,” Trump remarked. “They were great people and they were worrying about illegal immigration, which is a huge problem that I brought up three weeks ago and that was a big firestorm and it turned out I was right.”

Now, Trump is not backing down from his ongoing feud with the McCain family, slamming Meghan for her perceived conservative duplicity. Meghan has been staunchly critical of Trump’s policies for the past several years, and has consistently criticized President Trump’s comments toward her father.

Trump concluded his thoughts on the McCain family with a searing statement: “I have since found out that McCain [Sen. John McCain], who was close to last in his class at Annapolis, sent the fake and totally discredited scam Dossier to the FBI, hoping to stop the ‘Trump Train.’ In any event, Meghan should fight the Communists instead of explaining how they beat her, hurt her, and made her ‘physically ill.’ She should fight back against the Losers of The View the way she fights against very good and well-meaning Republicans, and she would do herself a world of good!”

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