Trump blasts rising gasoline prices: ‘This is not the world of reality’

by Summer Lane

President Donald J. Trump ripped the Biden administration’s inability to reign in hyper-inflated gasoline prices, which have spiked rapidly across the country, particularly in the last few weeks.

In an exclusive interview with RSBN’s Brian Glenn ahead of his scheduled remarks at a Save America rally in Florence, South Carolina, President Trump pulled no punches on the issue of gas prices.

“Gasoline now…we were at $1.87; even in the midwest it’s at $5.00,” Trump said. “It’s not even thinkable…they [Biden administration] want to negotiate with Venezuela, Iran, and OPEC.”

Unsurprisingly, President Trump correctly predicted the gasoline crisis America would face if Biden got into the White House, as previously reported by RSBN. Today, Americans are buckling under high gasoline and diesel prices.

“Where are we living?” Trump commented. “This is not the world of reality.” 

The 45th president also touched on Biden’s refusal to allow the United States to become energy independent, particularly Biden’s move to kill the Keystone XL Pipeline. “The one place he [Biden] doesn’t want to take it [oil] is right under our feet,” he added.

After the rally started, President Trump honed in on Biden’s dependence on foreign oil.

“And now Biden is crawling around the globe on his knees, begging and pleading for mercy from Saudi Arabia, Iran, and Venezuela,” said Trump.

With Biden in the White House, prices are continuing to rise. Many Americans are longing for a return to strong America First policies that kept gasoline prices – and the costs of everything else – at a reasonable level. 

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