Trump boasts biggest lead yet in 2024 primary polls: ‘I hope Republican LEADERS are watching this’

by Summer Lane

Photo: Alamy

President Trump took to Truth Social recently to tout his biggest lead yet in the GOP primary polls leading up to the 2024 presidential race. “Polls are looking GREAT!” he wrote. “New Poll, 61-19 against DeSanctimonious.”

It is unclear what specific poll Trump was referring to, but coming out of his arraignment in New York last week, he has held an impressive average of 30 or more points over his potential political rival in the battle for the 2024 presidential nomination, Gov. Ron DeSantis, R-Fla.

YouGov also found that among Republicans, 61 percent would like to see the president run for office again in 2024.

Trump added, “Also, winning BIG against ‘Hopeless’ Joe Biden – Hence the Democrats are rolling out their Fake Prosecutors. I hope Republican LEADERS are watching this. An eye for an eye?”

The president soared past DeSantis in the most recent Reuters/IPSOS poll last week, securing a 37-point lead over the Florida governor.

Trump snagged 58 percent of support from Republican voters nationwide against DeSantis’s 21 percent for the 2024 Republican Party’s nomination.

Trump hinted on Monday that if DeSantis officially launches a bid for the 2024 presidency, it could “hurt and somewhat divide the Republican Party” and potentially ruin the governor’s chances of running for office in the future.

“I believe that if he decides to run for President, which will only hurt and somewhat divide the Republican Party, he will lose the cherished and massive MAGA vote, and never be able to successfully run for office again,” Trump explained. “If he remains Governor, which is what Florida voters assumed, it would be a whole different story….JUST SAYIN’ – But who knows?”

Via RSBN, the Trump campaign has also raised more than $12 million in the wake of a Manhattan grand jury’s move to indict the president, illustrating conservative voters’ loyalty to the MAGA movement.

DeSantis has not yet officially announced a bid for the 2024 presidency.

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